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You can now learn to make the wire wrapped jewelry found on this site with my eBooks.  I have created eBooks for several wire jewelry designs that you find on the site along with one book that tells you everything you need to know to get started.  Each book covers one design and the books are made with the novice wire worker in mind.  The books are simple and easy to understand with detailed instructions along with plenty of pictures illustrating each move it takes to create a beautiful piece of wire jewelry.  I plan to make more as time permits, so your patience will be appreciated.

Hi Ricky,
Got it!  Thank you!  Your work is lovely and I'm so excited to get going with learning your techniques.  So glad you have made your e-books affordable for those of us who cannot afford expensive classes & travel.  You're a blessing and your work is AA+ professional!
Warm Regards,
Donna "Heysa" 

Hey Guy,  
I got the password ok and boy am I happy I did. You see,  I've made a lot of pieces on your site and others, and stuff I find on the internet, by looking at the picture, the applying the SWAG method to it  if you are not familiar with it is a scientific wild ass guess.   As you probably know sometimes I get it right the first time and others I experiment till I'm blue in the face  I loved the look of the sculptured ring   and I came kinda close  well   it looked klunky so IU bit the bullet    and bought your download.  I guess its nothing to be ashamed of   you are a good teacher   I usually learn stuff on my own.  but your first bits of info on making swirls are worth the price of the tutorial right there hey 
take care and thanks

Thank you, Rickie
I'm already reading my EBook and I'm sooo getting the steps.  You have put together such a tangible guide.  I'm soooo glad that I found your wonderful site. I have bought at least 7 books and nothing comes close to getting past wrapping cabs..... Even though I'm genuinely creative, learning how to's is the only way to venture beyond wrapping.    
Thank you again
Renee Rubel

Hello, I just purchased two of your patterns and have read them already. I read your story and I have to tell you how thankful I am that you are sharing your knowledge and your story. I am young still 34, have an expensive college education and unusual for my age experience in the business world. I had spinal surgery two years ago, that was messed up, leaving me with a painful disease in my legs that no one has ever heard of (except Paula Abdul has id from a spinal plane crash injury.) My disability is a whopping $400 a month!! My meds are $1500 a month. So as you can see, life is a bit trying at the moment. I have been designing and selling jewelry since I was a teenager, and sold my pieces at my own business for years (even though it was not a jewelry related area.) I have been researching a way to create at home on my own time and there are so many wire artists out there, but I never liked the work I saw. I found yours and I love them. Sorry, but I thought all wire work looked well, sort of kitschy and a bit cheap. Until I found your site, now I am excited to add elements in to my existing work. I went from having extra money, to the bills consuming every account I had. I have a huge gemstone collection I need to sell, several thousand exquisite and rare pieces, not commercial grade, and I know this will be a great way to try to show them and hopefully move them out. I had been selling just the stones for about $10 a piece. AAA sapphires, Burmese rubies, and everything else. So you know how sad that made me, but I had to have money. Now, I know I can get a lot more for them. Thank you!!!! Now I need to join the forum to find more ways to have them seen.


I received the Cameo Pendant and it was the most breath taking thing I have ever seen. You went above and beyond the call of duty to make this for me. I will forever be grateful. You managed to turn a heartbreaking week into a special day I will never forget. The Cameo pendant is something I will treasure for a lifetime, as it has always been a dream of mine to own a cameo, and to have one this beautiful makes it even more special. You are a gifted artist, and I do believe you have found your calling. Continue success to you, and thank you soooo much.
Pam Fife


I received the password for the cuffed bangle.  I'm also learning a lot through the other EBooks that I have purchased from you.  Your instructions are clear and straightforward ,and even a novice like myself, can experience some success. They are great!

 Thanks so much,



This is just the coolest way of delivering instructions - I can't wait to try it! Such clear pictures and great, down to earth instructions. Of course I'm going to have to purchase just one more for today since you make it so reasonable.

Thank you!
Blessings, Nancy


thanks for sending the password so quickly, love your ebooks, now i
got to git to work, will order more in a week or so.  oh, also,
everyone loves my work, your designs, sold my first pendant the day
after i made it, to the first person i showed, and got  orders for 2
more from 2 different people. thanks again, and sorry for my lack of
punctuation, i'm in a hurry!!! have a good weekend,


Hello Rickie,
I received the passwords for my latest eBook order.  I have had great success with my first project, the crosses eBook and can't wait to get started on these.  Thanks for creating such a great tutorial!

Valorie Dombroskas

hey Rick!
I have enjoyed your e-books on bracelets. rings and pendants
You have been a real answer for me and kKte-
She now wants to make  your wire wrap rings
We enjoyed the time we  had with you in Dec-Jan

Jerry and Kate
 Thomaston, Ga

Dear Rickie,
I received my bracelet today. Thank you very much for fast shipping and an absolutely beautiful bracelet! I am already wearing it and am very satisfied. You do lovely work.
Best regards,
Sheryl Williams

Hi Rickie

I received the bracelet today, and it's absolutely beautiful. I love it, and it fits perfectly. You do beautiful work. I hope I can recreate it. I will try, and I will keep you posted.

Thanks again Sana

Thank you for your website and E-books.  I am glad I stumbled across your site while doing a Google search.  I have to tell you, I recently purchased an online Wire Wrap course on DVD's and although they do teach you the basics of wire wrapping, the styles just aren't me.  I wanted to learn other styles but it costs $59.95 to purchase each additional DVD (and no discounts to students who previously purchased a course.)  Yikes!  I wish I would have found your site first.  I like your designs, the E-books are easy to understand, and they don't cost an arm and a leg.  I will be back to purchase more.
Also, thank you for the "free" download and all of the additional help and tips.  I appreciate your time and efforts.  Keep up the good work! 
Betty L Hamann

Can I pick your brain? When you are making a quantity (say 10 or more) of one item, do you do the assembly line thing (cut all the wire for the 10 items, wrap all the wires for the ten items and so on) or do you do each of ten separately? Am trying to get ready for a show at the end of Feb;

Have been sculpting wire jewelry for about a year using someone else’s methods and have been very frustrated with the end product. Love your clear instructions and pictures! Wish I had found you sooner, I would be so much further ahead with my business.

Oh, the items for the show I will be concentrating on will be cab and faceted stone rings and cab and faceted stone bracelets.

Thanks so much for any input you feel like providing.

Joyce Ramo
Legacy Creations

Hi Rickie: 
I received the Pass Word; and have already made one ring.  No problems  with the sizing; got it right the first time!!  Oh, Joy!! 

Thanks a bunch.
Irene Fowler-Sharpe

Hi Rickie,

Just to let you know that I have received your email with passwords and they all work perfectly, thanks.
I whizzed thru each book just to make sure everything is there and I just love how clear and sharp your pictures are! they are just great. I can not wait to get going. I also love your "A Little About Me" such a tragic story when it comes to farming. I find that most farmers live a very unsuring life not knowing if the crops will survive or even to avoid such horrible diseases with the animals. Seems to be something new each year..sad.
Anyway, you've really picked a lovely hobby, and one that will always sell (that's unless all the women are killed off) which I do not think so smile...  women rule...........he he.

Anyway, thanks and I hope I'm able to make my jewelry like yours!

Have a good day,
Tanyia (living in Germany)


 I have looked at the e-book.  Do you know that you are a God send.  You made my day when you called me.  It is good to know that there are still honest people out there.  I appreciated the call to give me the password.  Well I will be doing a lot of business with you. Thank you so much.  May God continue to bless you and your family in everything you do. Thank you

Hi Rickie,
Thank you for the directions. I viewed them, and they are easy to understand. I think that I will practice with practice wire before I make the real thing. As far as the wire twister goes, I have a flex shaft. I don't know if you're familiar with that tool or not, but I wonder if I could use that to twist the wire, and if so, do I need an attachment to put the wire into. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. How about if I buy the wire already twisted. If I do, would it still be the same gauge?
Thanks again.
Looking forward to my bracelet.

Hi! I recently purchased your ebook for beginners and it is great!  You
have outlined everything I need to know to get started.  I have always
loved wire jewelry and wanted to learn how to make it, but did not know
where to start.  Your book provided me not only with where to get my
tools and supplies and where to sell my jewelry, but also how to sell
using trade secrets that not many people are willing to share.  Thanks
Rickie, for helping me start my own business!  I look forward to the
ebooks yet to come. 


Hi Rickie,

Just wanted to drop you a line to say how great the e-books are - have been totally obsessed with making the 3 bead ring - looks great and just about to start the traditional pendant. The books are very clear and easy to follow. Have you any plans to do a sculptured pendant ?

Thanks again for parting with your knowledge!!


Hi Rickie,
Wanted you to know that the ring ebook downloaded just fine.  The instructions are very clear and the pictures help a lot.  It was nice
talking to you.  As you can see I have order all your books and I am looking forward to the others that are coming.

Thanks again,

Cynthia Gray

I want to tell you that your Ebooks are probably the best instruction materials I have ever come across. They are easy to read and the pictures show what you are explaining. I am 62 years old and I don't have a bit of problem making beautiful jewelry from your books. I am going to be retiring soon and this will become my full time job. One that I really enjoy doing. Thanks again for making Gold Wire Jewelry exciting for me.

Lenny Dixon

Dear Rickie:

The bracelet ebook downloaded perfectly.  I have already reviewed it and I might say that the instructions are excellent.  I believe that I will be able to make this bracelet with no problem.  Thank you so very much for sharing your knowledge.  I look forward to my next ebook.


Hi Rickie,

Sorry to bother you again but just had to let you know that I made my first ring out of copper (cheaper to practice I learned) and it went so easy and came out so good that I made a second one out of sterling silver and it came out even better. I have bought several tutorials on prong rings and I have not been able to make a really nice ring with any of them. Yours by far has been the winner, I can't wait to save more money to buy more books, please keep me informed as to when you add new tutorial because you have one faithful follower here!!
Again Thank you so much

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