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A Touch Of Silver
- Sterling Silver Jewelry

Gold Filled and Sterling Silver Wire Jewelry

Wire Jewelry Handmade by Wire Creations is made up of a variety of wire wrapped jewelry, it is handmade wire jewelry made with cabochons and faceted stone wrapped with gold filled and sterling silver wire.  All pieces are wrapped with gold filled or sterling silver wire of different shapes and sizes. Each piece is made with genuine cabochons, beads, or faceted stones, and all faceted stones are laboratory grown or genuine. You will find a number of different styles of wire wrapped jewelry that is designed without the use of glue or solder. You will find that all of my jewelry is designed to last a lifetime with proper care. You will  be amazed at the bracelets, rings, pendants, earrings and wire names that you find and who knows, you may find that unique piece that was made just for you. Or you may have some special stones laying around in a drawer or jewelry box and would like to put it to some good use, contact me and let me make something for you. You can order by using our secured shopping cart and your credit card, we accept, Visa, MasterCard, Discover or PayPal. Orders are shipped by priority or first class mail and we usually ship within one to two days after the order is placed, unless it is something that has to be made.  So enjoy and come back often as we are adding new items and selections.

Handmade Wire Bracelets in Gold Filled and Sterling Silver

Hand Made Wire Wrapped Sculptured BraceletWire Wrapped Sculptured BraceletHand Made Cameo Wire Bracelet

I have several different styles of handmade bracelets for men and women. I have wire wrapped bracelets with cabochons, faceted stones, beads and bangles and cuffs with no stones. Almost any Handmade
bracelet on the site can be made with gold filled or sterling silver and you can even choose a different stone in any of them. If you have a stone of your own and want me to hand make a bracelet using your stone, that is also possible.


EBooks for Making Handmade Wire Jewelry

You can now learn to make the wire wrapped jewelry found on this site with my eBooks.  I have created eBooks for over 30 wire jewelry designs that you find on the site along with one book that tells you everything you need to know to get started.  Each book covers one design and the books are made with the novice wire worker in mind.  The books are simple and easy to understand with detailed instructions along with plenty of pictures illustrating each move it takes to create a beautiful piece of wire jewelry.


Wire Names

Wire Name

I also have an eBook on how to hand make wire names. This has been one of my most profitable items on the site. If you go to the page, be sure to read my story. Watch the little animation below, it was made with the pictures used in the eBook to make the letter "L" and "l". The pictures along with the typed instructions makes it an easy way to learn the art. The eBook contains upper and lower case of all 26 letters, how to make pendants, pins, earrings, and rings, all with names. It tells you what and where to get everything you need.


Handmade Wire Wrapped Rings in Gold Filled and Sterling Silver

Wire Wrapped Amethyst Faceted Stone Ring

Handmade wire wrapped rings are my baby, I love to make rings. You will find all kinds here. I have cabochon, faceted stone, bead and what I call "Free Form" rings that have no stone at all. I can make any ring you see on the site in either gold filled or sterling silver. Also, you can have a different stone if you choose. If you have a cabochon or faceted stone that you would like me to make you a ring with, that can be done also.


Handmade Wire Wrapped Pendants in Gold Filled and Sterling Silver

Wire Wrapped Sculptured PendantHand Made Wire Wrapped PendantSculptured Hand Made Gray Cats Eye Pendant

The wire wrapped pendants on this site are all Handmade
with gold filled or sterling silver wire using either cabochons or faceted stones. You can mix and match them by changing the stone or design. If you see a stone and design, I can put the two together to make the pendant of your choice. It's easy to do, just contact me with the item number of the design you want and the stone you want in it. I'll reply back telling if it can be done and a price.


Handmade Wire Wrapped Earrings in Gold Filled and Sterling Silver

Sculptured Wire Wrapped Smokey Quartz Earrings

Even though I don't like making handmade wire earrings. Because basically you are making two pendants, but you have to make both just alike unless you are making sculpted ones. Then you have to make them just alike, but everything has to be opposite of each other. With that said, I have a nice display of gold filled and sterling silver earrings. There are several different styles using cabochons, faceted stones, beads and even some with nothing but wire. Take a look if you have time.


Handmade Wire Wrapped Wire Crosses, Stick Pins, and Collars

Hand Made Wire CrossSculptured Wire Wrapped Stick PinHand MadeTiger Eye Wire Collar



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